A.D.D. Focus Attention, Flax Seed Oil, Colloidal Minerals. Eat balanced meals
A.D.H.D. Focus Attention, GABA Plus, Flax Seed Oil. Colloidal Minerals. Eat balanced meals
*****NOTE***** Eliminate artificial coloring & sweeteners, sugar, sodas, etc. Check for food allergies
ACNE SKN-AV, Beta, Carotene w/mixed Carotenes, Zinc, and Tea Tree Oil. 
ACNE TEENAGERS Add with above; Featales- add FCS II. Males - add Sarsaparilla. 
AGE SPOTS Milk Thistle Combination, Super Antioxidants, Proactazyme. 
ALLERGIES GENERAL ALJ, Proactazyme, Tiao He Cleanse. Consider cleansing liver. 
ALZHEIMER'S Vit. E, Brain-Protex, Ginkgo/Gotu Kola, Grapine Hi-Potency, Proactazyme. 
ANEMIA I-X, Iron, B-12, Proactazyme. Add Chlorophyll to your water as a refreshing drink
ANXIETTY 5-HTP, Stress Pack. Use Valerian Time Release to sleep at night
APPETITE STIMULANT Alfalfa, Chamomile. Digestive Bitters or Colloidal Minerals
APPETITE SUPPRESSANT AS w/Gymnsma or MetaboMax or Nature's Chi
ARTERIOSCLEROSIS Mega-Chel, Lecithin, Colloidal Minerals, Food Enzymes, LOCLO
ARTHRITIS, MILD JNT-AV, MSM, Food Enzymes, Arthritis Homeopathic medicine
ARTHRITIS, SEVERE JNT-AV,Ease, MSM, Chondroitin, Vitamin B-6, Food Enzymes.
ASTHMA AU or AL-C or BRN-AV. .asthma Homeopathic, Lobelia Essence. Inhale Tei Fu Oil.
BACK PAIN JNT-AV, MSM, Tei Fu Lotion, and Phenyltol. If kidneys add Cranberry/Buchu
BAD BREATH Liquid Chlorophyll, Peppermint Oil, Food Enzymes. Clean Colon - CIeanStart
BALDNESS Phytc-Soy take early to prevent hereditary. Jojoba Oil, HSN-W, Mineral Chi. 
BED WETTING Cornsilk or Uva Ursi, Bifidophilus, Bedwetting Homeopathic
BLADDER INFECTION  JP-X & Cranberry/Buchu. Follow up with Colostrum & Bifidophilus
BLEEDING, EXTERNAL Capsicum or Golden Seal. Apply to wound, cover & apply pressure
BLOOD PRESSURE, HIGH Stress Pack if Stress. Capsicum/Garlic/Parsley, Mega-Chel
BLOOD PRESSURE, LOW DandQlialn, ATC Licorice Root, Rosemary Oil
BONE SPURS Food Enzymes. Hydrangea, ATC Herbal CA. Apply Tei Fu Oil to area to
BONES, BROKEN Horsetail, BUN-C, Skeletal Support, Colloidal Minerals. Pain - Phenyltol.
BRONCHITIS BRN-AV, ALJ, Vitamin A & D, Cough Syrup NT. Clean Colon with CIeanStart.
BRUISING Citrus Bioflavonoids, Alfalfa, Grapine Hi-Potency, Proactazyme.
BURSITIS  JNT-Ease, MSM, Phenyltol (for pain), Deep Relief essential oil (w/Massage Oil)
CANDIDA Caprylimune, Clean Start (then Ultimate Build), Pau D'Arco, Bifidophilus
CANKER SORES L-Lysine and/or VS-C, Tea Tree Oil topically. Stress-related add STR-J
CARPAL TUNNEL Herbal CA, Vit. B-6, MSM, Food Enzymes, Tei Fu Lotion externally.
CATARACTS EW (as an eyewash), Eyebright Plus, Food Enzymes
CHOLESTEROL/TRIGLYCERIDES Mega-Chel, Guggul Lipid, Garlic High Potency, Lecithin
CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME Pau D'Arco Power Pack, Bifidophilus, Energ-V Pack.
COLIC Catnip & Fennel liquid (Mom take too if breast feeding). Lobelia Essence externally.
COMMON COLD CC-A Relief Pack, Garlic High Potency, Vitamin C.
CONSTIPATION LBS-II, Cascara Sagrada, or Senna Comb. If locked bowels use Magnesium
COUGHING LH if wet, LH-C if dry. Use cough syrups too. See Respiratory System.
DANDRUFF Jojoba Oil, HSN-W. If caused by Candida use Caprylimune and Bifidophilus too.
DEPRESSION St. Johns Wort, 5-HTP Power, or AD-C. Add Super Supplemental and EFA's.
DIABETES See 'Hyperglycernia' (high blood suger) or 'Hypoglycernia' (low blood sugar)
DIARRHEA Slippery Elm, Activated Charcoal or Hydrated Bentonite, Acidophilus
DIURETIC K-C or Parsley or K with Vit. B-6. Herbal potassium is good if deficient.
DIZZINESS (VERTIGO) Ginkgo Biloba Time Release, Mega-Chel.
DRY SKIN Flax Seed Oil, Target TS II. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day
EARACHE CBG Extract, Bifidophilus (If continues, eliminate dairy from diet for 3 weeks). 
EARS. RINGING Ginkgo & Hawthorn, Mega-Chel, Food Enzymes. 
ECZEMA*  SKN-AV, Morinda, Vitamin ABD, Clean Bowels w/CIeanStart then Ultimate Build. 
EMPHYSEMA LH-C or LH or BRN-AV, MSM, Super Antioxidant, Grapine Hi-Potency. 
ENDOMETRIOSIS Pro-G-Yam, FC w/Dong Quai, Sarsaparilla, Flax Seed Oil. Clean Liver. 
ENERGY Energ-V, Bee Pollen, Cordyceps, Nature's Chi, or HS-C.
FEVER IF-C, VS-C, Colloidal Silver, or Olive Leaf, Catnip (enema).
FIBROMYALGIA Fibralgia, Flax Seed Oil, Lecithin, St. John's Wort, Super Supplement.
FINGERNAIL PROBLEMS HSN-W, Skeletal Strength, Food Enzymes.
FLATULENCE (GAS) AG-X, Food Enzymes. Assure proper food combining when eating
FLU-INFLUENZA CC-A Relief Pack, VS-C, Vitamin C. Drink lots of water.
FOOD POISONING Activated Charcoal and Slippery Elm (Use 4 capsules every hour).
GALL BLADDER Hydrangea to help dissolve stones. Use Hi-Lipase if G.B. removed.
GINGIVITIS Tea Tree Oil, White Oak Bark, Black Walnut, Sunshine Brite Toothpaste.
GLAUCOMA Eyebright Plus, EW, Bilberry Concentrate, Grapine Hi-Potency
GOUT Safflowers, KB-C, Aloe Vera Whole Leaf, Food Enzymes.
HAIR LOSS Thyroid Activator, HSN-W, Nutri-Calm. See Baldness for more suggestions.
HEADACHE/ MIGRANE Feverfew Concentrate, Tei Fu Oil (rub on temples). Clean Liver.
HEARTBURN Stomach Comfort to stop. Food Enzymes w/meal & Aloe Vera Juice after.
HEMORRHOIDS Vari-Gone, MSM, Citrus Bioflavonoids, White Oak Bak used as a salve.
HEPATITIS GreenZone, Defense Shield, Milk Thistle Combination, Colostrum, Proactazyme.
HERPES VS-C, St. John's Wort, L-Lysine, Proactazyme. Tea Tree Oil topically if outbreak.
HIATAL HERNIA AG-X or AG-C, Proacazyme or Food Enzymes, Aloe Vera, Stomach Cmf.
HIVES MSM, Hydrated Bentonite or Activated Charcoal, Allergy Homeopathic, Clean Liver.
HOT FLASHES/ PMS Natural Changes or FlashEase, PMS Homeopathic, Pro-G-Yam
HYPERGLYCEMIA (high sugar) NBS-AV, Nopal, GTF Chromium, Spirulina, Food Enzymes.
HYPERTHYROID (overactive) Master Gland, TS II, Proactazyme, Super Supplemental.
HYPOGLYCEMIA (low sugar) HY-A or HY-C, GrenZone, GTF Chromium, Licorice Root.
HYPOTHYROID (underactive) Master Gland, Target TSII, Proactazyme, Supper Supplemental
INCONTINENCE (Invonluntary urination or bladder control) URY, K or KB-C, Bifidophilus.
INDIGESTION Stomach Comfort, Food Enzymes, Peppermint Oil. Combine foods properly.
INFERTILITY Women: FC w/ Dong Quai, Vit. E, Sarsaparilla. Men: X-A, Vit. E, Zinc, Damiana.
INSOMNIA 5-HTP or Kava Kava or Melatonin or Valerian T/R, plus Calcium/Magnesium.
IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME CLT-X, Aloe Vera W/L, Bifidophilus, Food Enzymes.
KIDNEY STONES Hydrangea (10/day), Marshmallow, Magnesium, ATC K, Lemon water.
LAYRNGITIS VS-C liq., Licorice liq., Peppermint Oil, Sore Throat/Laryngitis Homeopathic.
LEG CRAMPS Calcium/Magnesium (@bedtime) or Combo Potassium, Food Enzymes.
LUPUS MSM, JNT-Ease, CleanStart and Para Cleanse then Ultimate Build, Bifidophilus.
MEMORY, POOR Gingko T/R or Gingko/Goto Kola, Flax Seed Oil, Food Enzymes.
MORNING SICKNESS Red Raspbery and/or Ginger and/or Peppermint Oil.
MUSCLE CRAMPS (take at bedtime) Kava Kava, Calcium Plus Vit D, ATC Herbal CA.
NAUSEA  Red Raspberry, Ginger, Peppermint Oil, Consider Liver/Gallbladder cleanse.
OSTEOPORSIS Natural Changes, Pro-G-Yam, Food Enzymes.
PARASITES Para Cleanse (3 rounds), Proactazyme, Artemisia.  Clove Oil Diluted on stomach.
PARKINSON'S DISEASE Grapine Hi-Potency, Ginkgo/Gotu kola, Proactazyme, Brain-Protex.
PERIODONTAL DISEASE Sunshine Brite T/P, White Oak Bark and Golden Seal on gums.
PNEUMONIA ALJ, VS-C, Olive Leaf Ext (4 Lobelia & 1 Capsicum hourly until vomit phlegm)
POISON IVY - OAK  Healing AC Cream or Herbal Trim, MSM,  Vitamin C, Ginger bath helpful.
PROSTATE PROBLEMS Men's Formule, Saw aPalmetto, Food Enzymes.
PSORIASIS GreenZone, SKN-AV, A & D,  Flax Seed Oil, CleanStart then Ultimate Build.
RASHES Healing AC Cream, BP-X or SKN-AV, Vitamin C, Vitamin A & D.
RHEUMATISM MSM, Morinda, JNT-AV, Food Enzymes.  Nature's Phenyltol for pain.
SCIATICA KB-C, IF-C, Calcium/Magnesium, Food Enzymes, Sciatica Homeopathic.
SEX DRIVE, LOW Women: X-Action, Damiana, or Nat. Changes.  Men: X-Action Pack or X-A.
SEX DRIVE, TOO STRONG Hops, ATC HVP.  Premature Ejaculation: Hydrangea.
SHINGLES VS-C, RE-X, L-Lysine, Nutri-Calm.  Take a bath with Lavender Oil or relax & heal.
SINUSITIS ALJ, sinus Support or Fenugreek & Thyme, Tei Fuu Oil.  Eliminate dairy.
SMOKING - STOP Lobelia/St. John's Wort, Catnip & Fennel liq., Tobacco Detox Homeopathic
SNORING SnorEase.  Consider eliminating dairy, wheat, or other allergy causing foods.
SORE THROAT ZincEase, Enchineaca/ Golden Seal liq., Sore Throat/Laryngitis Homeopathic.
STOMACH ACHE Activated Charcoal and/or Aloe Vera Juice and/or Peppermint Oil.
STOMACH ULCERS Herbal H-p Fighter, Capsicum, Aloe Vera Juice Whole Leaf.
STRESS Kava Kava or Nutri Calm or STR-J or the powerful Stress Pack.
SUNBURN Healing AC Cream or Herbal Trim, Combination Potassium, Vitamin C.
TENDINITIS MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Tei Fu Lotion.
TMJ Stress Pack, Calcium/magnesium, Hebal CA, Food Enzymes.
TOOTHACHE Tei Fu Oil on gums, Golden Seal and Lobelia Essence packed on tooth/gum.
VARICOSE/SPIDER VEINS Vari-Gone, Citrus Bioflavonoids, MSM.  Clean Bowels.
WARTS VS-C (3 months minimum), Pau D'Arco, Tea Tree Oil externally
WEIGHT GAIN Saw Palmetto, Alfalfa or Chamomile, TS II.  Consider parasite cleansing.
WEIGHT LOSS See weight loss section, and/or your Herb Specialists for products.
YEAST INFECTIONS Caprylic Acid, Pau D'Arco, Garlic, Acidophilus.  Eliminate sugar.

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