Cholesterol Blood Pressure Arterial Plaque Heart Disease
 Heart Capillaries Arteries Veins Blood

BILBERRY CONC. Strengthens eyes, prevents retinal blindness, night-vision
BP-C Liver weakness and hardness, blood purifier and builder, acne, grouchy
BP-X Western formula for blood purifying. Acne, poor circulation... 
BURDOCK Reduce swelling & deposits in joints, blood purifier, gout, skin rash . 
BUTCHER'S BROOM Leg cramps, support for varicose veins and hemorrhoids
CAPSICUM Circulation to extremities, brain, blood pressure equalizer 
CAPSICUM | GARLIC | PARSLEY Helps to normalize blood pressure (hi or low) 
CELLO-TONE Essential oil. Stimulate circulation to the skin and fights cellulite 
CHOLESTER-REG  Red Rice Extract. Regulates bad cholesterol and HDL to LDL 
CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS VIT C  Strengthens arteries. Spider veins 
COLLOIDAL MINERALS (32 oz) Needed for cellular and electrical functions . 
CO-01010  Antioxidant, heart support. Oxygen.. 
CORDYCEPS (90) Energizing, male potency & female vitality, improve circulation 
E. VIT. 400 IU w/SEL (60) Heart, fertility, speed healing 
EYEBRIGHT Improve vision, eye strain, coating over eyes
EYEBRIGHT PLUS  Improve vision, eye strain. Contains lutein, bilberry, and more . 
FLAXSEED OIL  Brain teaming. Protects heart. High in Omega 3, 6, & 9
GARLIC  Normalize blood pressure, yeast ...10.95 Hi-Potency - (60) Odor controlled ....
GC-X Garlic/Capsicum combination to improve circulation & normalize blood pressure 
GGC Energy formula, lack of endurance, general fatigue, low blood count 
GINKGO BILOBA T/R (30) Improve circulation for better memory and more
GINKGO 8 HAWTHORN  Brain, heart, ringing in ears, dizziness 
GINKGO/GOTU KOLA  (60) Memory, concentration. Think more clear. Take 3 months 
GOTU KOLA Oxygen to brain, memory, vitality, attention ...
GRAPEFRUIT. PINK  Essential oil to help with toning and stimulating. Uplifting 
GUGGUL LIPID Heart food - strengthens circulatory system, lowers cholesterol 
HAWTHORN BERRIES Heart, hardening of the arteries, stress, blood pressure 
HAWTHORN BERRIES EXTRACT  (2 oz) Enhance oxygen utilization in the heart . 
HS 11 Strengthens and feeds heart, cleans blood vessels, circulation to extremities 
HS-C  Strengthen heart and adrenals, circulation, improve blood oxygen 
I-X Natural Iron. Build healthy blood. Anemia. This iron does not cause constipation 
LECITHIN  (270) Helps body make good cholesterol, brain food (recalling capabilities) 
LEMON  Essential oil with properties to help with cleansing, toning, and uplifting 
LIV-C  Cleanse liver and blood, alleviate liver related head pain, irritable, anger .
L CLO (12 oz) Lower Cholesterol. Fiber formula w/pectins that lowers cholesterol 
MEGA-CHEL  Improves circulation, cleans arteries, cholesterol..
MIND MAX (2 oz) Stimulate alertness, memory, and concentration 
MSM (90) Helps strengthen walls of arteries. Maintains healthy tissues and more . 
NIACIN  Vitamin B3 Cold hands and feet, circulation, cholesterol 
OMEGA 3 EPA  (60) Good for strength of veins, arteries, heart, &arthritis 
OREGON GRAPE (2 oz) Redness, Natural antibiotic. Supports circulatory system 
PINE NEEDLE Essential oil. Cleansing, refreshing. Stimulating and revitalizing 
RED CLOVER BLEND  (2 oz) Supports cleansing of blood. Tumor & cancer support 
RED CLOVER Supports cleansing of the blood. Tumor and cancer support . 
ROSE BULGARIA  Essential oil. Heart rhythm, cell regenerator, skin, romantic . 
VARI-GONE (90) Varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Naturally tone, strengthen, nourish 
WHITE OAK BARK  Hemorrhoid and varicose veins. Apply directly on area helps also 
YARROW   .  Obstructed perspiration, nose bleeds, chicken pox breakout, Iymph
YELLOW DOCK Low blood, purifier, itching, liver and skin support from invaders 

CHELATION THERAPY PROGRAM - Use Mega-Chel, Lecithin, Colloidal Minerals, and  Nature's Three 1 month for every 10 years of life. Get 30 grams of fiber per day. Helps clean arteries and improve circulation. Check with your Herb Specialist for more details. Did you know? The circulatory system is approximately 60, 000 miles long!

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