Indigestion Gas Bloating Ulcers Poor Absorption of Food Esophagus Stomach Pancreas Liver Gall Bladder Intestines

ACIDOPHILUS  FLORA FORCE - (90) Good bacteria for colon. Candida, yeast
ACIDOPHILUS (MILK FREE)  (90) Good bacteria for those who cannot tolerate dairy
AG-X  Anti-Gas, digestion support, flatulence, bloating. Dr. Christopher's formula
ALOE VERA JUICE CONC.  Indigestion, soothe stomach and ulcers
AS w/GYMNEMA  Provides a feeling of fullness, appetite suppressant, blocks sugar
BIFIDOPHILUS  FLORA FORCE - (90) Two strains of good bacteria. Dairy free
BLG-X  Gas, improve liver function, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, dizziness
BURDOCK  Reduce swelling in joints, gout, stimulates elimination via colon
CAPSICUM  Enhances any herb. Take with Aloe Vera to help heal ulcers
CAPSICUM | GARLIC | PARSLEY  Supports digestion & helps control blood pressure
CATNIP & FENNEL  (2 oz) Colic, gas, hiccups, helps to calm stomach. Sedative
CHARCOAL. ACTIVATED  Intestinal gas, antidote for poison, diarrhea
CLOVE BUD OIL  (.15 oz) Essential oil that helps kill parasites. Anti-inflammatory
DANDELION Anemia, build weak liver, blood cleanser, age spots
DIGESTAZYME  Get more from the herbs you take. Up to 80% more absorption 
DIGESTIVE BITTERS (4 oz) Improves appetite & absorption. Prevent gallstones
FOOD ENZYMES  (120) Helps you digest the food you eat. Indigestion, bloating, gas
GINGER  Expels gas, motion and morning sickness, loose bowels, settles stomach
HERBAL H-p FIGHTER  (60) Inhibits bacteria that causes stomach ulcers
HI LIPASE  Helps your body digest fats better. Great for people with no gall bladder
HY-A  Blood sugar support and balancing (adrenal food), energy, mood swings 
INTESTINAL SOOTHE & BUILD  Stomach relief, colon calmer; irritation
LIV-A+  Dr. Airola's formula for the liver, clean & strengthen liver
LIV-C  Cleanse liver, alleviate liver-related head pain, irritable, anger, depression
LIV-J  Under functioning liver, clean 8 strengthen liver, gall bladder, spleen
MARSHMALLOW & PEPSIN  Cleans intestines for better food absorption
MILK THISTLE COMBO  (50) Weak liver, builder, yellow skin, any liver complaints
MORINDA  Good for all digestive complaints ...24.45 (16 oz)... 21.95  (32 oz)
NOPAL  Grabs sugar in the blood. Blood sugar balancing, provides soothing mucilage
OREGON GRAPE   (2 oz) Natural antibiotic, use as an alternative to Golden Seal
PAPAYA MINT CHEWABLE (70) Gas, burning chest, use instead of antacids
PBS  Pancreas and Blood Sugar support. Helps lower blood sugar
PDA*  (200) Protein Digestive Aid. Aids digestion of protein. Bloating, sour burps
PEPPERMINT OIL (0.15 oz) Relieve nausea, freshen breath instantly. Refresh, cool
POTASSIUM. COMBINATION Regulate heartbeat, muscle cramps, electrolyte
PROACTAZYME  Plant enzymes to help digest and activate food. Contains no HCL
ROSEMARY OIL  (.15 oz) Essential oil that helps skin and hair, clarify, invigorating
SAFFLOWERS  Gout, hydrochloric acid for digestion, cholesterol
SAGE. CLARY  (.15 oz) Essential oil that helps with female concerns, relaxant
SLIPPERY ELM  Indigestion, burning stomach, loose bowels, constipation, soothing
SPECIAL FORMULA #1+ General cell cleanser, growths and bumps
STOMACH COMFORT  (60) Burning sensation in stomach. Acid taste in throat 
TARGET P-14  (90) Supports the pancreas and digestion to help with sugar problems
UC-C  Ulcer support, colon irritation, rejuvenate digestive tract, antiseptic 
100 count in each bottle unless noted ( ). Prices are subject to change without notice.
Symbol meanings: "' = Key product for that body system '+' = Available in vegitab also.
We also carry a high quality line of skin care products and water treatment systems.

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