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Lymph Nodes & Systems Bone Marrow Spleen Thymus Tonsils

ANAMO Compromised immune system, protects cells, joint support, pain .
ANTIOXIDANT ARSENAL (28 packs) Powerful antioxidants for immune system 
CAPRYLIC ACID  (90) Helps stop yeast growth in body, chronic fatigue support 
CAPRYLIMUNE (150) Same as Caprylic Acid but w/ more immune supporting herbs 
CBG EXTRACT Redness, ear ache, put one drop in ear and Y, teaspoon internally 
CC-A Common Cold and flu season support ...A w/Yerba Santa 
COLLOIDAL SILVER (4 oz) Antibacterial, fights bacteria and viruses, colds, flu, throat 
DEFENSE MAINTENANCE Feed body's defense, helps prevent illnesses 
DEFENSE SHIELD. CHINESE  Flu Shot in a Bag." Immune booster 
ECHINACEA Natural antibiotic, blood purifier/builder 
ECHINACEA /GOLDEN SEAL Natural antibiotics, immune boost.
ECHINACEA. ULTIMATE Immune enhancing. Best Echinacea on market
ELDERBERRY DEFENSE Immune stimulating, lung support, cold & flu season . 
E-TEA Essiac Tea in capsules. Historically used for treating cancer. Blood purifying 
GARLIC  Normalize bid press, yeast.. Hi-Potency. Also Oil and No Smell Available.
GERMANIUM COMBO 30 mss - (30) Oxygen to cells, helps to remove toxic metals 
GOLDEN SEAL (50) Natural antibiotic, natural insulin    100 count 
GOLEN SEAL | PARTHENIUM (2 oz) Immune enhancer for colds, flu, sore throat 
GRAPINE 60 ma (60) Protect cells from oxidation
GREEN ZONE (8.75 oz) Green Food! Incredible cell cleanser. Benefits entire body
IGS II Natural antibiotic, immune fighter . Hypoglycemics use HIGS II 
IN-X Infection formula from Dr. Christopher. Natural antibiotic, immune fighter 
L-LYSINE Amino acid important to immune system, canker sores, fungus, skin . 
LYMPHOMAX " Food for the lymph system, helps clean lymph fluid & nodes . 
MORINDA- Known as 'Pain Killer.' Strengthens Immune. 
OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (60) Energy, anti-viral & fungal, allergies, immune system 
OREGON GRAPE  (2 oz) Redness, Natural antibiotic. Alternative to golden seal . 
PAU D'ARCO Tumor support, anti-fungal & yeast 
PAU D'ARCO POWER PACK (30 Packets) Growths growing throughout the body 
PAU D'ARCO / TAHEEBO TEA (7 oz) Helps clean the blood of toxins. Fungus, rash 
RED CLOVER Skin support, blood purity, weak immune system, tumor support . 
RED CLOVER BLEND  (2 oz) Blood Purifier, weak immune system, tumor support 
ROSE HIPS Natural Vit. C, cold & flu season, build resistance, blood purifier . 
SC FORMULA (60) Shark Cartilage, Inhibits blood flow to tumors . 
SPECIAL FORMULA #1+ General cell cleanser. Support for cysts, tumor, & growths 
SUPER ANTIOXIDANT (60) Protects defense systems of the body 
THIM4 Feed thymus, stimulates immune system, exhaustion, growths 
TRIGGER IMMUNE Stimulates immune, restores energy 
UNA DE GATO Fight illnesses, increase blood strength 
VS-C+ Support for viruses, herpes, STD, support liver . 
ZINC LOZENGES (96) Lozenges for sore throat, helps heal tissue. Soothing 

100 count in each bottle unless noted ( ). Prices are subject to change without notice.
Symbol meanings: " = Key product for that body system '+' = Available in vegitab also.
We also carry a high quality line of skin care products and water treatment systems.

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