Allergies Asthma Bronchitis Sinusitis Coughing
Sinuses Lungs Bronchials Trachea Larynx Cilia Alveoli

AG-C Clear stagnant undigested food, full feeling, gas, cravings
AL-C Pollen, dust, sneezing, bronchial support, help support breathing, lymph nodes
AU*+  Dust, pollen, sneezing, cough. Allergy support 
BR - V Bronchial support, weak lungs, tight bronchials, mucus, coughing 
CC-A Common Cold, flu, sinus congestion      CC-A w/Yerba Santa (2 oz liq)
CC-A RELIEF (30 Packets) Support to help you body get over the Common Cold
CORDYCEPS  (90) Energizing, male potency & female vitality, improve circulation
ELDERBERRY DEFENSE Immune stimulating, lung support, cold & flu season . 
ELDERBERRY PLUS. CHEWABLE  (60) Boosts immune response, respiratory
FENUGREEK & THYME Sinus and pressure support, dissolves mucus
FOUR  Lung support. Food reactions, hard to speak because of laryngitis, sore throat 
HI 11 Natural antibiotic, immune fighter. Great for hypoglycemics (no Golden Seal)
LEI  Lung Health, wet condition, helps to thin & move mucus, helps urge to cough 
LH-C  Lung Health - Chinese, dry condition, water in lungs, helps dry coughs . 
LOBELIA  Tight bronchial, congestion, strong relaxant, remove mucus obstructions 
LOBELIA ESSENCE (2 oz) Lung/muscle relaxant. Heavy cough 
LOBELIA | ST. JOHN'S WORT Helps stop smoking without side effects 
MARSHMALLOW & FENUGREEK Mucus and phlegm, soothing relaxant, sinus . 
MARSHMALLOW Lung support, bedwetting, soreness and heat in the body
MORINDA Good for all respiratory complaints 
MULLEIN Nervous cough, lung and sinus - help breathing, T.B., lymphatic cleaner 
SAGE  Stimulates hair growth, improves memory, sore gums and throat, nerves
SINUS SUPPORT+  Sinus congestion, natural antihistamine, pollen, sneezing . 
SNORE EASE   (60) Helps stop snoring, opens sinus passages, breaks down mucus . 
YARROW Obstructed perspiration, feeds body during chicken pox breakout, lymph 
ZINC LOZENGES   (96) Lozenges for sore throat. Helps speeds healing time .
100 count in each bottle unless noted ( ). Prices are subject to change without notice.
Symbol meanings: " = Key product for that body system '+' = Available in vegitab also.
We also carry a high quality line of skin care products and water treatment systems.

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