Weight Loss
Losing weight and keeping it off involves four important factors: 
1) Proper Nutrition 2) Exercise. 
3) Emotional Management. and 4) Good Supplementation.

5-HTP POWER  (60) Increases endorphins - Feel fuller, thus eat less and lose weight 
APPETITE CONTROL  (1 oz) Assists in control of appetite as an aid to weight loss 
AS WIGYMNEMA  Provides a feeling of fullness, appetite suppressant 
CELLU-SMOOTH  (90) Increases circulation to the underlying skin and fights cellulite 
CELLU-TONE  (.15 oz) Apply to areas of cellulite to tighten and improve circulation
CHICKWEED+  Reduces appetite, helps dissolve cellulite and fat, cholesterol cleaner 
CHROMIUM. GTF  (90) Reduces cravings for sweets, helps body bum fat as energy
COLLATRIM   (16 oz) Strengthen joints as you lose weight and inches 
COLLATRIM |Bedtime (180 capsules) Same as above. Take at bedtime to help lose weight 
FASTING PLUS  Decreases desire to snack. Energy. Great for fasting or cleansing 
FAT GRABBERS  (120) Grabs the fat in your food and carries fat out of your body . 
FEN-CHI  (150) A safe alternative to prescription drugs. Lose weight and burn fat 
GARCINA-CHI-  (42 packets) Appetite control. Get energy naturally without stimulants 
GARCINIA COMBO Helps body make more energy and less fat, curbs appetite 
GREEN ZONE  Use as a meal replacement. Gives your body the Zone effect 
LBS-11+  - Constipation, stool softener. Helps keep old waste moving out of your body 
L-CARNITINE  (30) Utilizes fat so it can be used for energy instead of being stored 
METABOMAX  (90) Bum stored fat as energy. Nourish glands. Caffeine free! . 
NATURE'S CLEANSE  (4 cleanses) Use prior to any program. Builds colon health 
NATURE'S THERMO TRIM - (1 month) Thenmogenics. Burns fat. Nourishes body 
NATURE'S-SYNER-SLIM - (1 month) Uses synephrine, not ephedra. Nourish w/energy 
NUTRI-CALM  (60) Fights dieter's irritability. Nervous system, coping, anti-stress 
PROACTAZYME  Plant enzymes to help you digest foods and absorb nutrients 
PYRUVATE Improve fat burning. Increase endurance and metabolism 
SF+ - Skinny Formula.  Cleanser, diuretic, parasites, helps cravings & energy dips 
SLIM-CHI  (120) Slim down your body and get energy naturally without stimulants 
SUNSHINE SLENDER  (Van or Coc) (24.75 oz) Complete meal replacement. Tastes great 
THERMO-CHI  (42 packets) Thermogenics. Bums fat, reduce appetite. Super Energy 
THYROID ACTIVATOR  Feed and strengthen the thyroid and increase metabolism 
TIAO HE CLEANSE  (30 Packets) Clean old waste accumulated in bowels. Helps liver 
100 count in each bottle unless noted ( ). Prices are subject to change without notice.
Symbol meanings: " = Key product for that body system '+' = Available in vegitab also.
We also carry a high quality line of skin care products and water treatment systems.

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